House of Hope Ministry
P.O. Box 195
Southworth, WA  98386
(206) 372-2267

"Assisting in Life Transition and Spiritual Maturity"



Michael and Margie Sgobba,
Discipleship and Resident Directors


The mission of House of Hope is to reach out and rescue those that are broken, downtrodden castaways of society; breaking the cycle of life-destroying habits, and reconciling and restoring men and women to Christ and to their families.


House of Hope (HOH) is operated under the direction of the Resident Director Couple, who are appointed by HOH Board of Directors.  HOH is also a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.  Our primary support comes from individuals who partner with us to help hurting people

HOH is a residential discipleship ministry, networking closely with churches, faithful volunteers and some prison and jail ministries.  We teach the Word of God, using the Bible as our primary text, working with people in need, including prisoners and ex-prisoners after their release.  We love and encourage people into relationship with family, God and local churches.

HOH teaches and equips responsible volunteers for furthering the work to those needing help, ministering God's Love through a mission of "hope to the hopeless."  HOH also provides some basic material needs, clothing or food, encouragement and prayer for many reaching out for help.

HOH partners with House of Faith, which can house up to nine men.  The program is completely voluntary on the part of the resident, and they may leave (or be asked to leave) the program if they fail to maintain basic covenant criteria.

The covenant is a promise made between the resident, HOH and HOF that promotes biblical discipleship and a Christian family home environment.  A structured schedule and a high level of accountability are a part of that covenant, and these elements can be a challenge for the resident.

While in the HOH or HOF program, residents are expected to study God's Word daily.  They spend time each day reading, memorizing Scripture, and praying.  They use the acronym S.O.A.P.: Scripture; Observation; Application; Prayer.  They attend church regularly and go to Bible studies at the church.  The residents also spend time doing "Work Blessings" (serving and volunteering in the church and within the community).

Ideally, graduates of HOH or HOF will return to their families, be restored to their spouses and children, be gainfully employed, and will want to serve on ministry and community boards.

                                 HOH/HOF Residence

HOH/HOF Living Area                              

                               HOH/HOF Bible Study

View from HOH/HOF Residence Deck                   

Baptism of HOH/HOF resident